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Sales conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before accessing or using our site.
By accessing or using our site or any information on the site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.
If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use the service.


The sending of the order by the customer implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale in their entirety.
The sales contract is concluded between SWISSCOOL Mushing and the Customer.
The Customer declares that he got the ability to contract with SWISSCOOL Mushing based on the terms and conditions of sale on the SWISSCOOL Mushing Website.
These general conditions shall prevail over any other conditions stated on the SWISSCOOL Mushing website.


All our products are quality items. Items are sold with no guarantee other than the manufacturer guarantee.
We use the best means to guarantee fidelity in the reproduction of images and texts, however, differences can be noted between the information displayed and the items without engaging our responsibility.
The images illustrating the items offered are not contractual
The information, technical details and links are provided purely for informational purposes.


The usual delivery time of an available item is:

a) For Switzerland : 1 to 3 working days;
b)For foreign (UE) : 3 to 10 working days.

The majority of deliveries are made in Switzerland. We ship overseas, but we reserve the right to limit free delivery to certain items or to certain countries if necessary.

There is no delivery on weekends, national and regional holidays.
We disclaim any responsibility for the progress of the order and delivery of items.
In case of delivery problems with the transport company Swisscool Mushing assumes no responsibility.
If the information provided is inaccurate, our company can not be held responsible for failure to deliver and meet deadlines.


For each order, packaging and shipping costs are dependent on the weight of items.
SWISSCOOL Mushing takes a part of these costs himself and the other part is charged to the customer:

a) For Switzerland: Shipping Item depends on their weight. For bulky items (dogscooter, QCR rail, ...) the price is CHF 29.00.

b) For Abroad: When sending abroad, the shipping depends on the weight of the order and the country of delivery. They are calculated during the checkout process and mentioned as an indication. They can be recalculated precisely after the order and, if different, billed to the customer. In this case, the customer will be notified within 3 working days after the order of the amount over. The customer is therefore able to confirm if he wishes to maintain order within 3 working days and if he agree to pay the fee. No news of the client in this interval and the order will be canceled.

Attention all orders placed on our site and delivered outside Switzerland may be subject to taxes and duties which are imposed when the package reaches its destination.
These duties and possible taxes related to the delivery of an item are at your charge and your responsibility.
SWISSCOOL Mushing is not required to verify and inform you of the customs duties and taxes.
To find out, we advise You to check with the relevant authorities in your country.

For more information, see the section "Shipping Cost".


The prices of items charged to customers are those in effect at the date of the order and in the confirmation of order.
They are set in Swiss francs and can be converted into other currencies on request.
Prices are net in Swiss francs. We reserve the right to modify them at any time.

Euro prices are only given as an indication, upon payment by Paypal and / or credit card, the rate of the day of the credit organization or Paypal will be used.

To offer the best possible rates and services, our prices are subject to change during the season to follow closely the progress of certain products or raw materials.


The customer is responsible for all necessary arrangements for the importation of goods into its territory in accordance with law.
It certify major, have the right and the power to order the goods.
It also guarantees to have previously informed and making sure that the order does not violate any disposition of law in applicable in the country of delivery or of residence of the purchaser, and that all information provided is correct.


Orders done per Email, mail, fax or phone, we speak French, German and English.


SWISSCOOL Mushing offers payment by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, ...) through the Paypal system and with no additional costs that are supported by SWISSCOOL Mushing.
Payment is done in a secure environment where sensitive data is encrypted. Card numbers are not stored by SWISSCOOL Mushing.

SWISSCOOL Mushing offers also paiment by Paypal and that also without any additional cost. Additional costs are supported by SWISSCOOL Mushing.

The customer also has the option to pay by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, ...) and PostCard at our shop.


For more freedom, SWISSCOOL Mushing offers people who have a valid address in Switzerland can pay on bill.

When you send a bill order procedure is as follows:
a) the payment deadline is 20 days
b) default of payment, a statement of account is sent by e-mail with an additional payment period of 10 days (30 days);
c) If payment is still not made, a reminder is sent by mail with a reminder charge of CHF 10.00 and an additional payment period of 10 days is provided (40 days);
d) if payment is still not made, a second reminder can be sent with a reminder charge of CHF 20.00 and an additional payment period of 10 days is provided (50 days, however, this step is optional, we can freely decide not to send the second reminder and go directly to the next step);
e) if payment is still not made, a third reminder can be sent with a reminder charge of CHF 30.00 and an additional payment period of 10 days (50-60 days);
f) if payment is still not made, we then entrust the receipt of total amount including costs CHF 40.00 to cover our office for a recovery procedure by agreement or juridical if all costs and recovery interest and prosecution as well as interest shall be obviously the responsibility of the customer;
g) therefore the case is in the hands of the Office of recovery without possibility to influence the process.

Swisscool Mushing reserves the right to deactivate this payment option freely, the right to control the information to our office recovery and the right to refuse an order invoice if it seems necessary, without any obligation to justify this refusal. If the invoice payment is not offered or refused, three alternatives are available:

a) make an electronic payment by returning order or by contacting us;
b) make an advance payment to our account to the attention of Swisscool Mushing with "payment order Swisscool Mushing (followed by the order number)" and notifying us by email or fax as soon as payment was made. You will find our bank details in the section "Payment Methods";
c) request by e-mail to send an invoice for payment in advance.

Swisscool Mushing demand payment in advance for all new customers whose bill exceeds CHF 300.00.
Swisscool Mushing also request payment in advance for the following items: Sleds, Scooters and Carts.


The contract comes into effect when the customer placed the order and when it was committed.


The acceptance of the order only upon receipt and assessment of its validity.
To send the order, the buyer acknowledges the conditions of sale and accept.

In exceptional circumstances, such as insolvency, incorrect information, unpaid previous orders, address not found during an initial order or other reasonable information
Swisscool Mushing reserves the right to refuse the order from a customer with no obligation to justify this refusal.


Each customer will receive an order confirmation by email and by mail when sending the goods.
If the customer has not placed an order via the Internet, only the order will serve as confirmation.
Confirmation or invoice is usually placed in the plastic wrap placed on the package and serving for addressing.


The customer has a right to return within 7 days after arrival of the goods at his home.
If the customer is not fully satisfied, he can return to his own expense the goods unused and in perfect condition in its original packaging.

In case of return the client can ask
- Exchange items
- A credit note of the value of the items excluding shipping costs
- A refund

In case of refund, if the transaction was settled by credit card or Paypal, the refund will be made through the credit card used during the initial transaction or paypal account, if appropriate the customer send his bank details.

In case of return, Swisscool Mushing reserves the right to charge or deduct the costs of transportation and packaging.

When returning the order number and / or invoice number must be mentioned.

Custom made goods can not be returned or exchanged unless there is an error from Swisscool Mushing.


Swisscool Mushing will repair or exchange at his own expense any part or equipment found to be defective or has been damaged or broken during normal use of the product during the warranty period.
Consumable parts (brakes, anti-slip, spike brake, runner plastic, parts carry wear, ...) are not covered by the warranty.

These warranty conditions are be awarded in express condition of the return of the defective part and after examining it in our services and the equipment has not been altered, disassembled or repaired by a third party.
Otherwise, a repair estimate will be prepared and repairs undertaken only after approval and payment at the rates prevailing on the date of shipment.
In all cases, the shipping cost remain payable by the beneficiary of the guarantee.


In case of delivery problems with the carrier Swisscool Mushing assumes no responsibility.
It is necessary to do with complaints occasioned by transport directly with the carrier.
If unfortunately the goods must arrive at the customer's home in bad condition Swisscool Mushing gladly exchange it, simply return the damaged goods with an official report of the carrier.

For any claim, demand information, warranty, do not hesitate to contact SWISSCOOL Mushing.


The customer gives his consent that personal data provided in connection with the registration, order or contractual relationship with Swisscool Mushing could be saved.
Personal customer information is saved in order to facilitate the purchase of new items by the customer and to ensure the smooth running of the business transaction.
They are treated as confidential and are not shared with third parties.
This personal information is used to send our customers information and promotions. The customer may at any time unsubscribe to no longer receive it.


These terms and conditions are valid from 01.01.2015 and replace all previous guidelines and provisions.


The goods remain the property of SWISSCOOL Mushing until full payment of the goods, even if granted deferred payment.
These general conditions of sale and contracts are governed by Swiss law.
The competent jurisdiction in any dispute is Romont in Switzerland.

In case of dispute, only the French version will be considered of this General Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions are fully subject to Swiss law.

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